NeedleGroove creates apparel with a modern aesthetic inspired by the love of vinyl. The unique high that comes from scouring the dusty bins, in a dimly lit basement shop packed tightly, looking for that rare gem. The thrill of possibility. The ever unattainable holy grail record.


Our brand seeks the seeker, the discerning listener, open minded and open hearted. Those of us who seek to connect to a community of like minded explorers, to breakdown the illusion of division, while diving into the endless variety music has to offer. Designed for those of us on the inside, for the tribe of wax warriors, the crate digger collective. Who needs a secret handshake, wear your love of vinyl on your sleeve?


NeedleGroove was created by Kieran and Edi. Kieran, deeply curious at heart, can be found digging through the crates at his favorite record store, and creating delicious recipes for his food blog, Health is Happiness. Edi is a graphic designer and a comic book aficionado, who’s passions are deeply entrenched in design and illustration. They share a passion for music, discovery and design. The two sat down to create our iconic Vinyl Junkie tee. That one idea set off a string of collaborations that led to the birth of NeedleGroove.