The O’Jays – Survival

The O'Jays -Survival

29 Mar The O’Jays – Survival

If this album has one thing it has SOUL! Whether it is on the uptempo tracks, like the title track Survival, and Give The People What They Want, or any of the slower songs such as How Time Flies, the album is filled with emotion and groove. You can’t help but stomp your feet and nod your head.

This is The O’jays 8th album and was released in 1975. This one is, as well as many other earlier O’Jays albums, worth going back and listening to again, and again. I was lucky enough to find a beautiful copy on vinyl for 2.50$!

If How Time Flies sounds familiar to you, it’s because it was sampled by Exile for In Remembrance of Me, and incredible song from one of my all time favourite hip-hop albums, Below The Heavens by Blu & Exile.

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