Sampled: Hercules by Aaron Neville & Stalley

16 Aug Sampled: Hercules by Aaron Neville & Stalley

Hercules by Aaron Neville is the track that really caught my attention on a vinyl compilation, that was recently lent to me, titled New Orleans Funk. The track and compilation are both absolute funk fire! If you like funky music this one is a must.

I heard the track and instantly started nodding my head. I read the title on the vinyl.  “Hercules by Aaron Neville” I was surprised to read Aaron Neville, a well known and legendary New Orleans artist.

The song is really really catchy. You can’t help but nod your head. The song is actually written by legendary New Orleans producer, songwriter and musician Allen Toussaint.

I recognized the song but had never heard it before. I knew it had been sampled but I couldn’t remember where. Thanks to my good friend google it wasn’t too hard to refresh my memory.

A simple itunes search for Hercules would have done the trick because the song is titled Hercules by Stalley from the album Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music). An album I played quite a bit when it came out a few years ago. Definitely worth checking out. With dope sample likes Hercules by Aaron Neville it’s hard to go wrong.

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