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04 Jan Montreal Record Stores

Montreal record stores have quite a bit to offer in terms of crate digging in the city. Montreal record stores are a great place to find quality records at more than fair prices when compared to a lot of other big cities. Some stores are great for everyone and others cater more to specific tastes. We have listed our top 5 favourite places to dig in the city. They are where you will most definitely want to check out if you are visiting Montreal record stores for the first time and have limited time. Just Aux 33 Tours alone can take a whole day or at least an afternoon.

The Best Montreal Record Stores (Top 5)

Aux 33 Tours

Address: 1373 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montreal, QC H2J 1Y8
Phone: (514) 524-7397
Area: Plateau
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If you are only going to visit one record store while in Montreal Aux 33 Tours is probably your best bet. This is the biggest record store in Montreal. While the biggest isn’t always the best when it comes to record stores Aux 33 Tours maintains the authenticity of a true independent record store. Their prices are consistently the fairest I have seen at any store I have visited whether it be Montreal, Toronto, New York City, London.

Their used new arrivals section is probably as big as any other stores section for any one genre. They add lots of new records on a daily basis. Which means if you are from Montreal you can go weekly and always find new stuff. No matter what genre you are looking for 33 Tours has a huge selection of used and new. They also specialize in Japanese Pressings for all you audiophiles. They have a huge selection of Japanese records in all genres.

They also sell and repair used audio equipment. Turntables, amplifiers, speakers, stylus replacements etc. They also have a sizeable used cd and cassette selection.


Address: 3770 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W 2M1
Phone: (514) 842-0664
Area: Plateau
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Many a gem can be found at Beatnik records on St-Denis in the Plateau. Walk down the steps and get lost in years of records. Quite a good selection of original pressings of Jazz, Funk, Rock, and Soul Records as well as new reissues. Beatnick is definitely worth a visit for any record collector. The owner Nick, and staff are incredibly knowledgeable so don’t hesitate to ask them for an opinion.


Address: 260 Rue Bernard O, Montreal, QC H2V 1T4
Phone: 514-273-5553
Area: Mile-End
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Formerly Primitive on St-Denis, the owner, Eduardo, moved shop uptown to Bernard street in the Mile End and renamed to Sonorama. All genres are represented well but a focus on Soul and Jazz. Definitely somewhere you can find some rare gems. If you are willing to drop some $$ check out what they have up behind the counter or ask them if they have any rare stuff that it isn’t out. They will often pull some heavy pieces from hiding


Address: 207 rue Bernard O., Montreal, QC H2T 2K5
Phone: (514) 270-4442
Area: Mile-End
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Definitely worth taking the trip up to Bernard since Phonopolis and Sonorama are only a block away from each other. Phonopolis is a great little record shop. Used prices are very fair. Good for rock and indie, not a huge jazz section but they get some good ones in, and the soul section is almost non existent. Located right next to Drawn & Quarterly which is an amazing independent bookstore/publishing company. Definitely worth a visit as well.

Cheap Thrills

Address: 2044 Rue Metcalfe, Montreal, QC H3A 1X7
Phone: (514) 844-8988
Area: Downtown
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The original Montreal used record store. They are also a used book store so if you are looking for books as well definitely worth checking out Cheap Thrills. They also sell concert tickets. They have a decent selection of used records in a all genres. Rock, Jazz and Soul being your best bets. Can be hit or miss. They don’t usually have a ton of rare records but you can definitely find some gems in here sometimes. You can find some great records at fair prices. They also carry new records like many record stores these days.

Note: Cheap Thrills is not located at street level. It is above what is currently an Italian restaurant. You must go up an outdoor staircase. Once you are inside open the door on the right and walk up the crooked staircase and then turn left at the top. Best of luck with the digging.

The Rest of Montreal Record Stores

Encore Books

Address: 5670 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montreal, QC H4A 1W7
Phone: (514) 482-5100
Area: Notre-Dame-de-Grace (N.D.G.)
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Encore books is on the other side of town from majority of Montreal’s record stores. Encore has more used books than records but there are definitely some records to be found here. There new arrivals section is a little stagnant unfortunately. Not worth the trek across town if you are visiting the downtown and plateau area unless you want to look through their huge selection of used books as well. It may very well be the best used bookstore in the city. However if you find yourself near by ish then definitely make a point of stopping by for a dig. They have enough records to keep you busy for a while. The staff is really friendly and the prices are fair. NO LISTENING STATION. But there is a store turntable you can play a record or 2 on.

Le Pick-Up

Address: 169 Ave des Pins E, Montreal, QC H2W 1N9
Phone: (514) 849-9484
Area: Plateau
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One of the smaller stores in the city but a cool little spot nonetheless. Right around the corner from Beatnick records, I recommend stopping in to see what you can find if you are in the hood. Owner is knowledgeable and friendly as well. Upon last visit they didn’t have a listening station but you can ask the owner to throw on a record for you if need be.

Death of Vinyl/ La Fin du Vinyle

Address: 6307 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2S 3C3
Phone: (514) 495-2786
Area: Little Italy
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Death of vinyl has a large selection of used records, mostly for rock fans. Jazz and Soul sections are pretty small. They offer audio repair as well if you have some old equipment that needs fixing up.


Address: 4333 Rue Rivard, Montreal, QC H2J 2M7
Phone: (514) 499-1323
Area: Plateau
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A small record store that specializes in rock and indie.

Atom Heart

Address: 364 Rue Sherbrooke E, Montreal, QC H2X 1E6
Phone: (514) 843-8484
Area: Plateau
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Atom Heart is no newcomer on the Montreal record store scene having been open since 99′. They sell new and used vinyl, as well as cds. Also a good place to find out about shows going on in town. Focus on electronic and alternative.

Sonik Records

Address: 4050 Rue Berri, Montreal, QC H2L 4H3
Phone: (514) 288-2113
Area: Plateau

Tiny little tucked away in the plateau that you would have to seek out to find. Great spot for alternative and punk music.


Address: 4486 Avenue Coloniale, Montreal, QC H2W 2C7
Phone: (514) 393-4495
Area: Plateau
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Just like Sonik Records, SoundCentral is a great spot if you are into alternatif and punk music.

Paul’s Boutique

Address: 112 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montreal, QC H2T 1N8
Phone: (514) 284-7773
Area: Plateau
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Just around the corner from Soundcentral, Paul’s Boutique is an incredibly cool looking store from the outside. Haven’t spent much time digging here but worth popping in for a quick dig if you are strolling along Mount-Royal. You never know what you will find.

Fresson Rock

Address: 1477 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montreal, QC H2J 1Y9
Phone: (514) 521-5159
Area: Plateau
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Located not too far away from Aux 33 Tours on Mont-Royal Av. the name says it all. A smaller store focused on Rock and Metal. You can find other genres but really a store for rock heads.


Address: 807 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montreal, QC H2J 1W9
Phone: (514) 903-5889
Area: Plateau

Melodisc is on Mont-Royal so I would say pop in if you have extra time after visiting Aux 33 Tours. Definitely not a must visit store in the city but you never know, they might just have that record you are looking for. There is a lot of stuff in a small space and not the most organized. Very close to Mont-Royal metro.

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