Mark Ronson Crate Diggers Episode

crate diggers mark ronson

15 May Mark Ronson Crate Diggers Episode

New Crate Diggers episode with Mark Ronson! I still get excited every other Wednesday when there is a new Crate Diggers episode. So glad they are back to posting them regularly and now they are back on youtube. Ya baby!

In this episode we find out how Mark Ronson charmed Prince with vinyl. Quite the little story.

Mark Ronson list of production credits are quite extensive. Over the past 15 years he has worked with everyone from the High and Mighty to Christina Aguilera. Paul McCartney to Ghostface. Saigon to Robbie Williams. See what I mean.

He has produced for a variety of different artists and continues to do so today. The list goes on.

Have you seen the DJ Jazzy Jeff Crate Digger episode!?


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