Isaac Hayes Tough Guys Soundtrack


05 Sep Isaac Hayes Tough Guys Soundtrack

Hung Up on My Baby from the Isaac Hayes Tough Guys Soundtrack is instantly recognizable to any hip-hop head. It contains the sample for The Geto Boys Song ‘Mind is Playing Tricks On Me’ from their  album ‘We Can’t Be Stopped’. I can’t help but hear Scarface’s voice in my nodding head as soon as I hear this song. An infectious groove that will get the stiffest of you swaying back and forth.

Dustygroove America writes this about the Tough Guys soundtrack:

“One of Isaac Hayes’ richest soundtracks – deeper and more complicated than the groove of Shaft and Truck Turner, and filled with some great tunes that glow with color, life, and imagination – showing an Isaac Hayes that almost seems to be moving beyond the usual blackploitation groove! The album sports 2 really classic tunes – the title theme “Tough Guys“, and the classic “Hung Up On My Baby” – both of which have a solidly funky feel that will more than please the usual soundtrack beathead crowd. But overall, the other tunes twist and turn in a delightful mix of modes – expanding on the soulful territory Ike first explored in his original soundtracks, and offering up a great range of moods and emotion. The album’s got some especially great chromatic guitar work – and other titles include “Joe Bell”, “Randolph & Dearborn”, “Buns O Plenty”, “Run Fay Run”, and “Red Rooster”.”

If you aren’t familiar with either the Isaac Hayes tough Guys Soundtrack or the Geto Boys classic it’s time you get on it. Maybe it’s been a while since you have given them a listen and it’s time you revisit them. You won’t regret it.

While the Geto Boys brand of hip-hip may not be for everyone this particular song is undeniably catchy and does a great job at painting a realistic picture.

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Check out the Geto Boys song below.

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