George Scott – Find Someone To Love

george scott find someone to love

28 Apr George Scott – Find Someone To Love

If you are wondering if you should buy Find Someone To Love by George Scott, the answer is yes! Without any hesitation. Grab it as quickly as you can!

If this is the first you have heard of George Scott, which is likely the case since he is virtually unknown, then I suggest you keep your eye open for a copy of the reissue on vinyl, or order one of the copies available online!

This album is a serious piece of 60s soul. It is funky, dirty, smooth, gritty, all at the same time.

There is only one song from the album, and it happens to be one of the slower songs on the album, titled “I’m a fool for you”. Listen to it a few times and you will wonder why more people haven’t heard of George Scott.

While doing some research on George Scott’s Find Someone To Love I discovered that it looks like the album may have had none other than Jimi Hendrix playing on it. I read this on a few websites, one of them being,, a website which documents recordings that Jimi may have played on in his early days.

The only apparently confirmed song he played on is the track SWEETTHANG. When I listen to the song it becomes quite obvious that it is Jimi on guitar as soon as I drop the needle. you will have to hunt down a copy of the LP to hear for yourself.

If you are interested in reading more about George Scott’s Find Someone To Love check out the blog In Dangerous Rhythm. He breaks down every track, and talks a little bit about how rare this album is.

There isn’t even an original copy listed on, although there are some sealed reissues available.


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