Certified Fresh: Oddisee NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

26 Jun Certified Fresh: Oddisee NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Oddisee recently took a quick pause from touring for his new album, ‘The Good Fight”, to stop by NPR Music for a Tiny Desk Concert.

This could not have come at a better time for me since I have been playing “The Good Fight” on repeat for a couple weeks now. Hearing him perform 3 songs from the album in this intimate setting was just a reminder of how talented and special Oddisee is.

Set List
“That’s Love” 00:00
“Contradiction’s Maze” 03:50
“Belong To The World” 07:40

This description from NPR Music is right on the money.

“Simply put, Oddisee’s music is genius. He creates just the right amount of space, allowing it to breathe with perfectly timed cadences and vamps. His deceptively intricate rhythm tracks interlock with complementary harmonies and brilliantly constructed bars in ways that appeal to both diehard hip-hop heads — those who decipher and analyze lyrics as a hobby — and those who just want a clutch beat. He’s got it all. ”

The lyrics are deep and introspective, pleasing a hip-hop head like myself, but the music is also accessible with a feel good vibe, making it fun and enjoyable for anyone to listen to.

Start by enjoying the Oddisee NPR Tiny Desk Concert, and then do yourself a favour and get your hands on a copy of “The Good Fight”. An incredibly well polished and crafted album, likely his best yet, not to take anything away from his previous musical accomplishments.

The question I ask myself is where can Oddisee go from here?

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