Bobby Hebb ‘Love Games’ (Re:Discovery)

02 Sep Bobby Hebb ‘Love Games’ (Re:Discovery)

While not anywhere near as known as classic albums by soul legends Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, Bobby Hebb ‘Love Games’ stands the test of time. The music still sounds great today.

It is an emotional album and the difficulties of relationships, coming from Bobby’s personal experiences.

The music is as soulful as ever and the album flow seamlessly from track to track. Smooth, smooth, smooth.

The album was released in 1970 before classics by other soul legend. He was one of the first to release an album of this style. The song below flower is on of the songs from the album, but not necessarily the best.

I stumbled upon the record by chance at a local record store. I had never heard of Bobby Hebb before and was pleasantly surprised to say the least when I dropped the needle on the record. If you want to read more about the album check out the allmusic review.

Buy Bobby Hebb ‘Love Games’ Digitally on Amazon Here

Purchase Bobby Hebb ‘Love Games’ on iTunes Here

If you are a crate digger seek out a copy on vinyl. Here is the discogs page for the LP. I found a decent copy in a local record store for 12$.

If you are Mos Def/Yasiin Bey like myself, you may recognize the song ‘Flower’ above from ‘Priority’ from The Ecstatic album.


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